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In the annals of matrimony, Jane Dobbins Green once found herself bound in wedlock to the illustrious American magnate, Ray Kroc. Mr. Kroc, as many among the cognoscenti are doubtless aware, ascended to the helm of the immensely prosperous American fast-food colossus, McDonald’s. Indeed, McDonald’s stands as an ubiquitous household denomination across the globe, its franchise network having attained remarkable planetary hegemony.

During their shared temporal sojourn, the liaison between Jane Dobbins Green and Ray Kroc perennially served as a staple subject of discourse amid the populace. Their narrative ensnared the fancy of multitudes, captivating in its intricate dynamics. Alas, destiny, that capricious maestro, directed their union towards its ultimate denouement.

About Jane Dobbins Green

Jane Dobbins Green was truly a striking woman, known for her beauty. She hailed from the United States, just like her parents, making her an American by nationality. While her exact birthdate and early life details remain shrouded in mystery, her legacy is closely tied to her late husband, Ray Kroc.

Given Ray Kroc’s prominence as a business magnate, it’s safe to assume that Jane Dobbins Green had a solid education, as successful individuals often seek partners who are intellectually compatible. Despite her husband’s fame, Jane Dobbins Green chose to keep a low profile, eschewing the public eye for a life of privacy and discretion.

Jane Dobbins Green Biography

In the realm of origins, the birthplace of Jane Dobbins undeniably traces back to the United States. Nevertheless, when delving into the early chapters of her existence, a shroud of obscurity envelops the particulars. She ardently embraced her American citizenship while aligning herself with the caucasian lineage. Her spiritual compass found its bearing in Christianity, a cornerstone of her individuality.

When voyaging through the annals of her formative years, an enigma unfurls. Intel on her scholastic endeavors and educational odyssey exists in meager fragments, thus casting a veil over her academic pilgrimage. Jane was an individual who eschewed the limelight, opting instead for a life removed from the public gaze, a stark departure from her spouse, who perennially inhabited the media’s sphere.

In the realm of lineage and ancestry, the riddle persists. The intricacies of her parental lineage and the presence of any progenitors elude our grasp. The query remains uncharted, whether she shared kin with brothers or sisters or stood as the solitary offspring of her progenitors. The conundrum that cloaks the life of Jane Dobbins veils a substantial portion of her narrative from the prying eyes of the public.

Jane Dobbins Green Wiki

Full NameJane Dobbins Green
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-Wife
CountryUnited States
DivorceRay Kroc

Early Life

Jane Dobbins Green marked the second chapter in Ray Kroc’s marital life when they tied the knot in 1963. Their love story, while not the stuff of fairytales, bore a resemblance to the dramatic twists seen in movies or dramas. At the time of their union, Ray Kroc stood at the pinnacle of his career, his fame as a business mogul resonating widely.

Now, rewind a bit to Ray Kroc’s first marriage to Ethel Fleming back in 1922. Their journey together spanned an impressive 39 years, a testament to their commitment. However, like the unexpected plot twist in a gripping narrative, their enduring bond unraveled in 1961 due to Ray’s involvement in an extramarital affair.

Ethel Fleming and Ray Kroc shared a daughter, Marilyn Kroc Barg, as a result of their long-lasting union. It’s worth noting that Jane Dobbins Green wasn’t the catalyst for the dissolution of Ray’s first marriage—a curious twist in this story that continues to unravel.


In the realm of prominence, Jane Dobbins may not have etched her own legacy, yet her notoriety persists primarily due to her affiliation with her spouse, Ray Kroc. Conversely, Ray emerges as a ubiquitous household figure, predominantly attributed to his pivotal role in birthing the McDonald’s dominion back in 1967.

Ray Kroc’s odyssey commenced in the confines of Oak Park, Illinois, where he embarked as a vanguard for another corporate entity. However, his destiny underwent a momentous transformation when he fortuitously crossed paths with Richard and Maurice McDonald in the year 1955. This serendipitous encounter heralded the inception of his inaugural McDonald’s eatery. By 1961, Ray acquired the franchise from the McDonald brothers, in a transaction amounting to an exorbitant sum exceeding $2.5 million. This epicurean establishment thrived for a span of three decades before ultimately succumbing to oblivion.

What unequivocally distinguished McDonald’s from its counterparts was Ray Kroc’s steadfast devotion to instituting stringent benchmarks applicable across the entire spectrum of McDonald’s franchises. This encompassed every facet, from the dimensions of servings and culinary preparations to the caliber of ingredients and the artistry of product packaging. The modus operandi placed customer service on a pedestal of unparalleled excellence, while franchisees retained the prerogative to craft tailored marketing strategies. This unwavering commitment to perfection bore fruit, manifesting in the meteoric global expansion of McDonald’s. By the denouement of 2004, a staggering tally of over 30,000 McDonald’s establishments had burgeoned across in excess of 100 nations, yielding a mind-boggling $120 million in revenue.

While Kroc did not inaugurate the archetype of chain-based dining establishments, he astutely discerned an opportunity and metamorphosed it into a global marvel. This entailed presenting a consistent menu replete with iconic fare such as hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes. Kroc fervently championed uniformity and hygiene standards across the expanse of his franchises, expending copious efforts to curtail costs, thereby ensuring that even modestly remunerated laborers could partake in a repast at McDonald’s.

Net Worth

Jane Dobbins Green initially served as Ray Kroc’s secretary, and her financial standing was certainly impressive, much like Kroc’s former spouse. Both of them boasted a net worth that soared into the millions. Ray Kroc’s $600 million multinational empire in 1984 defined his wealth.

The New York Times reported that 81-year-old Ray Kroc died after a heart attack in 1984.  The year prior, his restaurant empire had executed deals worth over $8 billion, a testament to his enduring legacy. His personal fortune was estimated to be around that same $600 million mark.

Adding another layer to the story, Jona Kroc also amassed considerable wealth, tallying $600 million. At the time of Ray’s passing, McDonald’s had expanded its reach to over 7,500 locations across 31 countries and held a staggering valuation of $8 million.

Ray Kroc’s third wife, Jona, also left her mark on the world. She redirected her substantial assets, totaling $2.7 billion, towards various non-profit organizations following her passing in 2003. The Salvation Army, for instance, received a substantial $1.5 billion in donations, contributing to the construction of 26 Kroc Centers that continue to make a positive impact on communities.

Estimated Net Worth in 2021$18 million
Previous Year’s Net Worth (2020)$17 million
Annual SalaryUnder Review
Income SourceCelebrity Ex-Wife
Net Worth Verification StatusNot Verified

Eye Color

Jane Dobbins Green’s striking beauty is enhanced by her captivating grey eyes. These eyes not only add to her physical charm but also offer a glimpse into her inner self, revealing the profound character and unwavering commitment that lie within her.

Body Measurement

While we don’t have access to specific details about Jane Dobbins Green’s body measurements, it’s crucial to uphold the principle of respecting an individual’s privacy. Instead of fixating on physical attributes, let’s shift our attention to her contributions and the meaningful impact she has had. Jane’s influence reaches far beyond mere numbers, and that’s what truly matters.


In the realm of Jane Dobbins Green’s heritage, she is identified as being of the Caucasian racial background. The comprehension and reverence for one’s racial heritage constitute an indispensable facet of the intricate tapestry that constitutes the life of each individual. Furthermore, it serves as a poignant reminder of the profound import of diversity and the imperative of cultural comprehension within our perpetually transforming global landscape.


Jane Dobbins Green is a proud American citizen, cherishing her heritage and the rich tapestry of diverse cultures that America embodies. Her background is a crucial part of her story, infusing her life with depth, and molding her perspectives and experiences.


Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, Jane Dobbins Green undeniably captures the gaze of any room’s occupants. However, transcending her physical stature, it is her extraordinary capacity to motivate and elevate those she encounters that genuinely characterizes her. Jane leaves an enduring imprint on the lives of multitudes, establishing her as a presence that lingers in one’s memory.


In the realm of physical well-being, Jane Dobbins Green maintains a svelte stature, tipping the scales at a sylphlike 55 kilograms—an embodiment of her unwavering commitment to a harmonious way of life. However, it is imperative to underscore that an individual’s intrinsic worth transcends mere numerical measurements on a scale. Rather, it is their character, feats, and the constructive impact they impart upon their milieu that authentically hold significance.


Jane Dobbins Green is widely acknowledged as a celebrity wife, standing steadfastly by her partner’s side throughout their journey to success. While the specifics of her own profession might not be in the limelight, her unwavering support and dedication play a pivotal role in her loved one’s achievements.


Although details about Jane Dobbins Green’s father remain undisclosed to the public, her own achievements and influence have garnered considerable recognition. She has forged her unique path and emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of celebrity spouses, earning her well-deserved attention.


Just like her father, comprehensive information about Jane Dobbins Green’s mother remains somewhat elusive. Yet, it’s undeniable that her life experiences and accomplishments have played a profound role in shaping her into the influential and remarkable individual she has become today.


In the intriguing narrative of Jane and Ray’s marital separation in 1968, a fascinating chronicle of affection and reconnection unfolds with Joan Kroc, Ray’s third spouse. Let us delve into their extraordinary odyssey, commencing with their initial rendezvous. The inception of their story dates back to 1957 in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Ray cast his gaze upon Joan Kroc, who would eventually become his prospective life partner. Despite a substantial age disparity—Ray at the age of 52 and Joan a mere 28—her allure enthralled him completely.

At that juncture, Joan was a wedded woman, tethered to an 11-year-old offspring named Linda, and her spouse bore the moniker Rollie Smith. Nevertheless, the magnetic pull between Ray and Joan was irresistible, leading them into a passionate liaison that endured for four years. They appeared willing to disregard the fact that Joan was still entangled in matrimony with Rollie Smith.

In the year 1961, Ray resolved to terminate his 39-year-long matrimony to embark upon a new life alongside Joan. He contemplated cohabitation, yet an unfortunate twist of fate prompted Joan to retreat from this prospect. She opted not to forsake her former spouse and commence afresh with Ray. The disapproval of Joan’s progenitors further complicated matters, as they opposed her extramarital liaison. Consequently, they parted ways and charted separate courses for their lives.

Fast forward to 1963, and Ray Kroc welcomed Jane Dobbins Green as his second consort, initiating a fresh chapter in his existence. They savored a quinquennial sojourn together before destiny intervened, reuniting Ray with his long-lost paramour, Joan Kroc. Their paths serendipitously intersected once more when Joan received an invitation to a McDonald’s convention in 1969. This time, their love’s passion burned even more fiercely and unwaveringly. Both had such a strong desire to be together that they were willing to go to great lengths to end their individual partnerships and commit to one another in matrimony. This marked the culmination of Jane Dobbins Green’s sojourn with Ray, and they bore no offspring from their union.

Jane Dobbins Green’s Married Life

Jane’s marital status at the time was indeed tied to her significant other, Ray Kroc. The union of Green and Kroc was sealed with vows exchanged in 1963, witnessed by their loved ones, as reported by BIOGRAPHY.

But with only five years as a married couple, their time together was comparatively brief. It’s important to note that they never had children together despite the fact that their paths parted in 1968.

Ray Kroc’s romantic history had seen him previously married to Ethel Fleming in 1922. Their high school love story took a different turn, leading to a divorce in 1961. Despite their youthful affection, it couldn’t withstand the test of time. Their sole child, Marilyn Kroc, was born during their marriage. Eventually, they went their separate ways.

Cupid’s magic, however, had something else in store, causing Ray to fall deeply in love with Joan Kroc, a dedicated humanitarian. After years of estrangement from Jane, their paths crossed again, leading to a romantic rekindling. Subsequently, in 1969, they sealed their love with marriage, taking their relationship to the next level.

Since tying the knot with Joan, Ray Kroc has not been romantically involved with any other women. As for Jane Dobbins Green, after her divorce from Ray Kroc, she did not remarry.

Who is Ray Kroc?

In the annals of corporate history, Ray Kroc, the celebrated luminary of American commerce, stood at the helm, assuming the roles of both the chief executive officer and the proprietor of the illustrious fast-food establishment, McDonald’s. His stewardship, an epoch that endured from 1967 to 1973, cast a profound imprint upon the saga of the enterprise. Kroc’s unswerving commitment and visionary guidance served as the fulcrum upon which McDonald’s catapulted into uncharted echelons of global triumph, thereby enshrining its position as the preeminent dominion in the realm of expeditious gastronomy, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural diversities.

At present, we undertake an odyssey into the chronicle of Jane Dobbins and her pivotal role in the life of Ray Kroc, an enigmatic chapter in the opulent tapestry of McDonald’s unparalleled ascent. Thus, let us embark upon this enigmatic sojourn, a narrative brimming with profundity and intrigue.

Jane Dobbins’ death

The enigma still shrouds the intricacies encircling the demise of Jane Dobbins Green. Post her marital separation, she opted for a retreat from the public sphere, deliberately maintaining a considerable distance from the glaring limelight. The digital realms exhibit no traces of her existence, and an absence of controversies or any tidings envelops her present predicament.

It’s pivotal to elucidate that certain individuals have erroneously linked Jane to the celebrated wordsmith, Jane Green, renowned for her literary creations such as “Stardust” and “Summer Secrets.” However, it remains imperative to underscore that these are unequivocally two distinct personas, and no nexus threads between Jane Dobbins Green and the accomplished scribe, Jane Green.


  • Ray Kroc, McDonald’s founder, married Jane Dobbins Green.
  • She was Caucasian and American.
  • In 1963, Ray Kroc married Jane Dobbins Green, his second wife.
  • Though her husband was famous, Jane kept a modest profile.
  • She was Ray Kroc’s assistant throughout marriage.
  • Ray and Jane never had children.
  • Ray Kroc divorced Ethel Fleming in 1961 after 39 years of marriage.
  • Ray Kroc married Joan Kroc in 1969 after divorcing Jane Dobbins Green in 1968.
  • The early life, education, and family of Jane Dobbins Green are unknown.
  • Jane Dobbins Green’s birth and death dates are unknown, and she lived a secluded life.


Jane Dobbins Green’s life was closely intertwined with the success and personal life of Ray Kroc, the visionary behind McDonald’s. While she played a significant role as his second wife and secretary, she chose a life of privacy and discretion, keeping many aspects of her personal history hidden from the public eye.


What did Jane Dobbins Green do?

Jane Dobbins Green was Ray Kroc’s secretary during their marriage.

Did Ray Kroc and Jane Dobbins Green have children?

They had no children.

When did Ray Kroc marry Jane Dobbins Green?

Marriage occurred in 1963.

What caused Jane Dobbins Green and Ray Kroc’s divorce?

Rarely documented are their divorce reasons.

Who was Ray Kroc’s first wife?

First wife Ray Kroc married Ethel Fleming in 1922.

Did Jane Dobbins Green remarry following Ray Kroc’s divorce?

No information suggests she wedded after Ray Kroc’s divorce.

Where was Jane Dobbins Green born?

Jane Dobbins Green was born in the US, although her birthplace is unknown.

Jane Dobbins Green’s nationality?

Her nationality was American.

How ended Ray Kroc and Jane Dobbins Green’s marriage?

A 1968 divorce ended their marriage.

What became of Jane Dobbins Green after her divorce from Ray Kroc?

She kept a low profile after the divorce, so nothing is known about her life.

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