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Who is Connor Bird?

Hailing from the United States with a birthdate in 1992, Connor Bird national identity is distinctly American, and his ethnic background aligns with the Caucasian heritage. In the realm of astrology, his zodiacal affiliation corresponds to the sign of Aries.

Connor Bird formative years were enriched by his attendance at a local high school nestled in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, California. The culmination of his high school odyssey transpired in 2010 when he successfully completed his matriculation. Throughout his scholastic journey, Connor immersed himself in the world of the dramatic arts, becoming an active participant in the school’s esteemed drama club. His profound passion for the performing arts found expression in multiple theatrical productions staged by the club. Although his roles primarily took the form of supporting characters, Connor discerned that penetrating the fiercely competitive film industry necessitated a level of proficiency and innate talent that he diligently endeavored to refine.

Early Life

In the realm of media and prominent personalities, today stands as a momentous occasion, as it marks the birth anniversary of Larry Bird, who came into this world in the year 1992. Fast forward to the present year of 2021, and Larry has reached the mature age of 29. Despite his widespread acclaim, Larry has maintained a rather inconspicuous presence, gracing us with only a limited number of public appearances. This aura of secrecy surrounding him has bestowed upon us a dearth of insights into the tapestry of his life.

Larry finds himself enmeshed within a tightly-knit familial unit. He is the adoptive progeny of Larry Mattingly and Dinah, who have bestowed upon him a home brimming with affection. Furthermore, Larry shares his existence with two younger sisters, Mariah Bird and Corrie Bird, who contribute to the intricate dynamics of the family. Although there aren’t many specifics, it’s plausible to conclude that he has positive ties with his siblings.

Larry’s reluctance to share details about his past is a fairly odd aspect of his persona. He remains reticent regarding his educational odyssey and the escapades of his formative years. This element of mystery only serves to augment the enigmatic charisma that surrounds Larry Bird.

Connor Bird Wiki

Full nameConnor Bird
Date of birth1992
Age30 years old (as of 2022)
Place of birthUnited States of America
Current residenceUnited States of America
Height in feet5′ 7″
Height in centimeters170
Weight in pounds175
MotherDinah Mattinly (adoptive)
FatherLarry Joe Bird (adoptive)


Connor Bird’s existence remains enshrouded in obscurity, with scant information available aside from a notorious encounter with the legal system. Prior to this incident, he cultivated an aura of privacy, and subsequent to it, he has decidedly opted for seclusion, steering clear of the public eye.

Fascinatingly, while his progenitor etched an indelible legacy in the realm of professional basketball, Connor embarked upon a divergent trajectory. Nonetheless, it is worth acknowledging his fervent affection for the sport during his formative years, where he reveled in its spectacle with unwavering zeal. Regrettably, given his non-pursuit of a vocation in professional basketball, one will encounter no statistical data or accolades affiliated with the name Connor Bird—unless, of course, the reference pertains to the lamentable roster of accusations proffered against him by the Indiana Police.

Body measurement 

Standing at a height of about 5 feet 7 inches, which translates to roughly 170 centimeters, Connor Bird is an average-sized individual. He carries a weight of around 80 kilograms and sports a distinctive light brown hair color.

Connor Bird Net worth

Connor Bird undeniably revels in a life brimming with privilege, courtesy of his distinguished lineage in the world of celebrities. Nevertheless, when delving into the sphere of his vocation, information remains conspicuously scant. Certain approximations venture to propose that he may possess assets surpassing the impressive threshold of $1 million, primarily attributable to the substantial legacy established by his progenitor.

Larry Bird, the paternal figure in Connor’s lineage, commands an estimated fortune hovering at around $75 million, predominantly stemming from his cumulative earnings over the years. Larry’s opulence has been meticulously accrued through multifarious avenues. His reputation not only extends as one of the most proficient luminaries in the realm of sport but also as an astute mentor. At the zenith of his professional odyssey, he garnered an annual income that eclipsed the $3 million mark.

Moreover, Larry boasts an extensive real estate portfolio dispersed throughout the expanse of the United States, with contemporary market valuations spanning from $1 million to $2 million for individual holdings. The Bird family currently luxuriates in an opulent lifestyle nestled in the sun-drenched haven of Florida.

Regarding the precise evaluation of Connor Bird’s net assets, remuneration, and pecuniary inflows during the fiscal year of 2021-2022, such figures remain ensconced in an enigmatic veil of obscurity.

YearEstimated Net Worth
2021$1 million
2020 (Previous Year)$0.95 million
Annual SalaryUnder Review
Income SourceCelebrity Son
Net Worth Verification StatusNot Verified

Corrie Bird Spouse

In the annals of romance, the narrative of Trent Theopolis Batson and Corrie Bird unfolds as an extraordinary saga. Corrie, with her unyielding resolve, chose to unite in matrimony with Trent, fully cognizant of his prior marital bonds and offspring, thereby fashioning a narrative steeped in audacity.

The tale of affection that binds Trent and Corrie Bird has withstood the relentless trials of temporal flux. Their odyssey commenced on the 17th of May in the year 2008, a day marked by the solemn exchange of vows. Recently, they commemorated their fourteenth year of marital union, a testament to their enduring felicity that radiates through the chronicles of their shared existence.

Their progeny burgeoned with the advent of their inaugural offspring, christened Violet Marie, who graced this world on the 18th of June in the year 2012. As we embark upon the year 2022, their elder daughter embarks upon the journey into double-digit age, commemorating her decennial sojourn upon this terrestrial plane. But the narrative extends its tendrils further; at the tender age of a mere decade, she embraced the mantle of an elder sibling. A remarkable feat it is, for at the tender age of ten, she bore the mantle of motherhood, ushering young Sebastian Gray into existence on the 20th of April in the year 2017. Sebastian, at a mere five years of age, rapidly progresses through the stages of growth, imparting an even more profound sense of elation to this affectionate family tableau.


In regard to the enigmatic 31-year-old luminary offspring, the specifics concerning his stature and mass remain enshrouded within the sphere of public ignorance. What we are privy to, however, pertains to his possession of a distinguished cascade of chestnut-hued locks and entrancing irises hued in a resplendent shade of amber. Alas, when it comes to the quantification of his corporeal dimensions, regrettably, an insufficiency of data prevails.

How old is he? His age and family:

In the realm of media, today commemorates the nativity of Larry Bird, who graced the world with his presence in the year 1992. As we traverse the unfolding tapestry of 2021, he embarks upon his 29th orbit around the sun. Despite his prominence as a public persona, Larry has masterfully maintained an aura of mystique, gracing us with only sporadic glimpses into his life, thus withholding a treasure trove of insight.

Now, let us delve into the narrative of Connor Mattingly, the fortunate adopted progeny of Larry Mattingly and his esteemed spouse, Dinah. Accompanying him are two younger siblings, Mariah Bird and Corrie Bird, thereby completing the familial tableau. Although the veiled curtain shrouds their personal lives, one can only aspire to the existence of an amicable fraternal bond among them.

However, it does leave a smidgen of disenchantment that Connor has elected to preserve a rigorous veil of secrecy around his scholastic odyssey and the escapades of his formative years. The insatiable inquisitiveness remains unquenched, for he has yet to unveil any of these intricately woven chapters from the tome of his life.

Connor Bird Is The Adoptive Son of NBA Great Larry Bird

Connor Bird garners the most ubiquitous recognition as the progeny of Larry Bird, a veritable luminary in the realm of basketball, who etched an indelible legacy in the annals of the NBA. Larry’s resplendent sojourn as both a diminutive forward and a formidable power forward for the hallowed Boston Celtics, spanning from 1979 to 1992, was punctuated by a triumphant trifecta of NBA championships. Post-retirement, he donned the mantle of a coach, steering the Indiana Pacers from 1997 to 2000, currently adorned with an executive mantle in the National Basketball Association’s august echelons.

However, what may elude the purview of many is the revelation that Larry Bird is not the biological progenitor of Connor; rather, he is his benevolent adoptive patriarch. The specific contours of Connor’s nativity, and the identities of his biological progenitors, shroud themselves in a veil of enigma, a nebulous mist that refuses to disperse. Nevertheless, we are privy to the chronological fact that he was ushered into existence somewhere in the annals of 1992. Larry Bird’s resplendent eminence in the pantheon of the NBA inevitably thrust his offspring into the scintillating glare of public scrutiny, endowing them with a quasi-celebrity status in their own right. In spite of the absence of a shared genetic provenance, Larry ardently undertook the mantle of paternity in Connor’s nascent life.

The imprimatur of Larry’s influence on Connor is readily discernible. Connor, manifesting filial fealty, traversed a different trajectory, beset by occasional skirmishes with the labyrinthine machinations of the legal system during his academic sojourn at the citadel of Indiana State University, the very institution that burnished Larry’s own luminous legend. The cadence of Larry’s ardor for the sport of basketball, an avocation that courses through his very veins, reverberated within Connor’s bosom as well, prompting the young scion to partake in the game during his formative years in high school.

Dinah Mattingly, the venerated matron of Connor Bird’s adoptive lineage, engenders little public fanfare, overshadowed by the resplendent aura of her illustrious spouse. A serendipitous juncture during Larry’s academic odyssey at Indiana State University engendered the genesis of an enduring camaraderie with Dinah. Larry’s matrimonial odyssey traversed a transient union with Janet Chondra, a fellow acolyte from his high school days, in 1975, a union that alas, proved ephemeral. Subsequently, the matrimonial cords were consecrated with Dinah Mattingly in the annus mirabilis of 1989.

Although the tapestry of Dinah Mattingly’s pre-Larry Bird existence remains veiled in the mists of obscurity, historical archives aver her birth on November 16, 1954, in Terre Haute, Indiana. Her scholastic voyage commenced at the hallowed halls of a local high school, a crucible that fomented the crucible of her intellect, subsequently culminating in her pursuit of higher learning at Indiana State University.

The precise chronicle of Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly’s romantic odyssey may be ensconced in the nebulous realms of temporality, yet one verity remains luminous amid the vicissitudes of time: their nuptial vows, consummated in the annus mirabilis of 1989, in an intimate ceremony that unfolded in the sacrosanct precincts of a confidante’s domicile, situated just beyond the confines of Terre Haute. In the intervening epochs, their union has manifested as an indivisible phalanx, an unassailable citadel of familial cohesion. Though the enigma of Dinah’s professional purview remains an elusive enigma, her persona effervesces with an unbridled zeal as a doting spouse and a maternal figure, a sanctum of unwavering support, and an astute observer, actively engaged in the vicissitudes of her husband and progeny’s lives.

Relationship Status

It appears that Connor Bird, the renowned scion, is presently ensconced in a solitary existence. The dearth of any information pertaining to his current romantic entanglements alludes to his current state of singularity.

Nevertheless, his history has borne witness to its own share of vicissitudes. In the annals of 2013, he found himself ensnared in a maelstrom of legal woes, following an incident where he was apprehended for a telephonic altercation with his paramour, culminating in an unfortunate wrist ailment inflicted upon her. And that’s not the denouement; in 2018, he confronted legal repercussions due to his involvement in illicit imbibing and tumultuous comportment. Furthermore, he has crossed paths with the judicial system in relation to narcotics transgressions.

What happened to Connor bird?

In accordance with multiple sources, when Connor, at the tender age of 21, found himself embroiled in a legal quandary back in 2013, he unwittingly tangoed with the wrong side of the judicial system under the scrutiny of Indiana’s law enforcement. This incident unfurled within the cauldron of a fervent altercation with his former paramour, wherein he allegedly propelled a mobile device towards her, displaying a wanton recklessness that harbored the potential for grievous harm.

Stunningly, the narrative did not culminate there. In a deeply disconcerting twist of fate, Connor ostensibly embarked on another imprudent course of action, seemingly endeavoring to subject the same young lady to vehicular peril, thereby exacerbating the conflagration to unprecedented heights. This rash and perilous course of events subsequently culminated in his apprehension and custodial detention, at the hands of the zealous custodians of the law.

As if this series of unfortunate events was not sufficiently bewildering, Connor faced supplementary allegations linked to the unlawful possession of proscribed substances, transmuting this particular epoch in his life into an especially turbulent chapter.

Personal Life

In the realm of Connor’s current romantic entanglements, an aura of enigma prevails. The most recent instance of his amorous affiliations gracing the headlines dates back to the year 2013. Subsequently, he has veiled his personal life in the cloak of secrecy, permitting no inklings or hints to escape. Since that juncture, Connor has chosen to remain reticent regarding the intricacies of his romantic liaison, leaving us all entrenched in obscurity concerning the identity of his present paramour or spouse, should such a figure exist.

Parent’s Love Story

When we talk about Connor’s parents, we find Larry Mattingly and Dinah Mattingly, a couple with a heartwarming family story. They took their wedding vows in 1989, sealing their love and commitment. Together, they adopted two beautiful children, Connor and Mariah Bird, sharing the joys of parenthood.

Larry had a previous marriage to Janet Condra, which, unlike his enduring love with Dinah, was relatively short-lived. They tied the knot in 1975 but unfortunately parted ways just a year later. From this union, they welcomed a single bundle of joy, their daughter Corrie Bird, who holds a special place in their hearts.

Father Larry Bird

Larry embarked on his odyssey on December 7, 1956, in the enchanting West Baden Springs of Indiana. Even in his nascent days, his virtuosity on the basketball court radiated brilliantly. He ascended to the pinnacle as the preeminent scorer in the annals of Springs Valley High School in Indiana, thereby setting the stage for his extraordinary sojourn through collegiate basketball at Indiana State. It was within those hallowed halls, in the annus mirabilis of 1979, that he garnered the illustrious sobriquet of the national player of the year.

Today, he is heralded and venerated as Larry the Legend. His plaudits are indeed staggering – thrice adorned with the NBA MVP laurels, thrice crowned with NBA Championships, and a remarkable dozen appearances at the All-Star gala. Larry Bird is one of the most accomplished and revered NBA figures.

After retiring from the NBA, Larry became Indiana Pacers president of basketball operations.

On the personal front, Larry’s amorous narrative traverses its own labyrinthine path. Initially espousing his high school paramour, Janet Condra, during his tenure at Indiana State, the byways of fate led them in disparate directions before he embarked on his professional basketball sojourn. Subsequently, in the halcyon year of 1989, he encountered enduring affection in the form of Dinah Mattingly, and together they have begotten three remarkable progeny – two daughters christened Corrie and Mariah, and a son christened Connor.

Connor Was Arrested

As per credible sources, it is postulated that Connor presently leads a reclusive existence. Nevertheless, his history is marred by a succession of disconcerting altercations with the legal system.

In the year 2013, he encountered legal ramifications for employing a telecommunication device to perpetrate an assault upon his significant other, resulting in her sustaining an injury to her wrist. This incident represents a somber episode in his life’s narrative.

Subsequently, in 2018, he found himself incarcerated once more, this time on charges of underage alcohol consumption and tumultuous conduct. It appeared that misfortune had an uncanny knack for crossing his path.

In conjunction with these occurrences, Connor has also been entangled in legal entanglements linked to narcotic offenses, painting a complex and intricate tableau of his journey thus far. His interactions with the judicial system have decidedly not been isolated events, constituting a disquieting pattern within the tapestry of his existence.

Connor Bird Has Two Siblings

Intriguing is the familial dynamic involving Connor, who finds himself in the midst of two sisters, Corrie Bird and his adopted sibling, Mariah Bird. As the sands of time have ebbed away, both sisters have traversed the terrain of maturation. Yet, within Corrie’s narrative, there exists a rather unconventional twist.

Corrie, by birthright, claims lineage to Larry, her biological progenitor, originating from his inaugural matrimonial union with Janet Condra. However, the narrative becomes increasingly intricate here. At the juncture of Corrie’s entrance into the world, Larry had already embarked upon a new chapter in his life, forging an enduring liaison with his now second consort, Dinah. This situation precipitated Larry’s initial detachment from Corrie, culminating in his request for an examination of paternal lineage.

Subsequently, the results of this scrutiny duly ratified Larry’s biological affiliation with Corrie. Nevertheless, a span of time elapsed before Larry could fully assimilate his role within her existence, particularly on an intimate, interpersonal level. Nonetheless, in subsequent years, he extended fiscal sustenance to his progeny, undertaking the task of establishing a connection with her, albeit somewhat belatedly.

Social Media

In the realm of social media, Connor Bird deliberately treads a path less traveled. Popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook remain conspicuously devoid of his digital presence. His inclination towards safeguarding his personal life remains unwavering, shielding it from the inquisitive gaze of the digital universe.


  • Connor Bird’s status as a celebrity child is a defining aspect of his life.
  • He doesn’t engage on his Instagram account, remaining quite inactive there.
  • This well-known young individual is proudly the adopted son of Larry Joe Bird and Dinah Mattingly.
  • His captivating gaze is adorned with light brown-colored eyes.


Early Life:

Connor Bird, born in 1992 in the US, is 30 in 2022. He was a drama club member in high school in Los Angeles.

Adoptive Family:

NBA star Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly adopted Connor. He has two younger sisters, Corrie and Mariah Bird.

Height and Look:

He is 5’7″ (170 cm) tall with light brown hair and amber eyes.

Private Life:

Connor Bird has kept his personal life discreet, especially recently. He’s not on Instagram or Twitter.

Legal Issues:

Connor has had multiple legal contacts, including a 2013 phone altercation with his then-partner that injured her wrist. In 2018, he was charged for underage drinking and disorderly behaviour.

The basketball background:

Despite his father’s great basketball career, Connor never played professionally. However, he loved the sport throughout high school.


Connor was adopted by Larry Bird, who pledged to be his father. The biological parents of Connor are unknown.

Family ties:

While information are scarce, Connor appears to have good ties with his adoptive family, particularly his sisters Corrie and Mariah.

Net worth:

Connor Bird’s net worth is unknown, however his father Larry Bird’s wealth suggests he may have assets over $1 million.

Current Status:

According to available information, Connor Bird lives a private life with no current love connections or job goals.


With his high school drama and basketball obsession, Connor Bird, the adoptive son of NBA icon Larry Bird, has lived a very secluded life. He has had legal difficulties but has kept a quiet profile. His father’s riches may give him financial advantages, albeit his net worth is unknown.


1. Connor Bird’s adoptive parents?

Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly adopted Connor Bird.

2. What legal troubles has Connor Bird had?

Connor has had legal issues, including a 2013 phone fight with his spouse and a 2018 underage alcohol and disorderly conduct charge.

3. Did Connor Bird play basketball like his dad?

Connor did not play professional basketball despite his father’s legacy.

4. What is Connor Bird’s estimated wealth?

Due to his father’s fortune, Connor Bird may have assets over $1 million.

5. Does Connor Bird use social media?

Instagram and Twitter are private and inactive for Connor Bird.

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