Jesse Antler Wikipedia, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Ex-Girlfriend, Relationship, Net Worth, and More

Jesse Antler is an actor and producer best known for his role in the Canadian television series Letterkenny. Besides that, he has guest-starred on “The Magicians,” “Supernatural,” and “The Expanse.” It’s well known that Jesse Antler dated Michelle Mylett. Mylett, his ex-girlfriend, is best remembered for her role in Letterkenny. She is program character kqty. In this blog post, we’ll examine Jesse Antler’s height, weight, net worth, age, birth date, and Wiki.

Who is Jesse Antler?

In the late 2010s, Jesse Antler became renowned after dating Canadian actress Michelle Mylett. Jesse, the Letterkenny actress’s ex-boyfriend, is still in the headlines. Both Jesse and Mylett were candid about their public relationships. They shared many ex-couple pictures on social media. Since their breakup, the Canadian actress has practically removed all of her photos with him. In contrast, Jesse Antler has erased his Instagram and remains nameless. 

His “Letterkenny” persona loves marijuana and makes funny attempts to get it. Jesse co-founded No Apologies Pictures with his longtime partner Robyn Michelle Mylett. Fans are fascinated by Jesse Antler’s profession and personal life despite his limited profile.

Jesse Antler Wikipedia

Full name Jesse Antler
Birth date June 5, 1984
Age39 years old (As of 2023)
Ethnicity White
FatherThomas Antler.
SiblingsWill update
Marital statusunmarried
Famous forEx-boyfriend of Michelle Mylett
Height6’1″ (185 cm)
Weight185 lbs (84 kg)
ProfessionCanadian actor, producer, and entrepreneur
Notable roleCharacter in Letterkenny
Networth $500k 

Early Life and Background

Jesse Antler was born in Canada on June 5, 1984. We don’t know much about his youth and upbringing, but we know many key events.

Jesse was reared Christian in a white family. His ethnicity is white. He was raised in Canada by Thomas Antler and Sheila. However, his siblings and other family members have not been disclosed.

Fans and outsiders have been interested in Jesse Antler’s path from boyhood in Canada to showbiz prominence. Jesse Antler turned 39 in 2023. Despite his private childhood, his later career and personal life have made him famous.

Career Overview

Jesse Antler’s career shows how unexpected avenues can lead to entertainment business fame. He rose to the top of Canadian television while not seeking it.

The Canadian television series “Letterkenny.” made Antler famous. In this renowned sitcom, he played a character that fans loved and remembered. His funny pursuit of marijuana typically involves drastic means. This job lets Jesse show off his comedy skills and garnered him a loyal fanbase.

Besides “Letterkenny,” Jesse Antler has been in other notable TV shows, exhibiting his acting skills. His roles in “The Expanse,” “Supernatural,” and “The Magicians” strengthened his showbiz career.

Beyond television and film, Jesse has appeared in short films and web series. He was praised for his portrayal in the 2020 short film “A House Divided” with a unique story.

Jesse Antler and his longtime companion Robyn Michelle Mylett formed No Apologies Pictures. This venture shows his dedication to entertainment, as he creates entertaining content.

Entertainment’s numerous chances and unexpected turns are shown by Jesse Antler’s career. His talent and passion for his art have made him a prominent figure in Canadian television and abroad, despite his personal life.

Who is Michelle Mylett?

Michelle Mylett, 30 years old, is a Canadian actress of quality. Because her family liked TV and movies, Mylett always wanted to act.

Her talent made her one of Canada’s most famous and realized her aspiration. Many admirers think her marriage will fulfill their romantic expectations because of her attractive film presence. Michelle Mylett will always be one of Canada’s top actresses, unsure of her love life. Do not expect it.

Personal Life and Michelle Mylett Relationship

Jesse Antler and Michelle Mylett Relationship

The high-profile relationship between Jesse Antler and Canadian actress Michelle Mylett sparked interest in his personal life. Fan and media attention was drawn to their romance and public appearances.

The exact how Jesse and Michelle met and started dating is unknown. According to their social media activities, their love story began in September 2017. Sharing their love on social media, the pair showed viewers their life together.

A June 2018 romantic holiday to Ukraine marked a milestone in their relationship. Michelle posted many images of the couple sightseeing and enjoying their vacation on Instagram and Facebook. Jesse was seen in front of a Kyiv restaurant.

Jesse announced in mid-July 2018 that they were returning to Canada from their romantic holiday in the comments of one of Michelle’s Facebook posts. Unfortunately, little is known about their relationship after that. Various stories say Jesse and Michelle lived together during their relationship.

Over time, Jesse and Michelle’s social media presence declined. Michelle Mylett erased most of Jesse’s images from her social media pages after their breakup, creating mystery.

Jesse Antler’s connection with Michelle Mylett shaped his public image, although he has since lived a more private life. This includes decreasing his social media presence, where he once shared life moments. As a result, his dating status and personal life information remain hidden, allowing him to avoid the media.

Jesse’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Famous Actress

Michelle Mylett, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend, played Katy in the Canadian comedy “Letterkenny.” The show has featured her since 2016. She was raised in Ladysmith, Vancouver. Born January 4, 1989, Robyn Michelle Mylett will be 34 in 2023. She began performing professionally with “Antisocial” in 2013. After that, she appeared in “The Drownsman” and “She Stoops to Conquer.”

However, her 2016 role in “Letterkenny” brought her into the spotlight. Her theatrical role drew attention, and her talent shone. She was nominated for the 2020 Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, confirming her outstanding performance.

Michelle Mylett’s Success Continues

Jesse Antler has led a more secluded life, while his ex-partner Michelle Mylett is still thriving in the entertainment scene. Her path cements her place as a respected Canadian actor on talent and perseverance.

  • “Letterkenny”: Michelle Mylett is most recognized for working in the Canadian TV series. In the show, she played Katy, which earned her fame. Michelle has a loyal fanbase because the series has showcased her acting and comedy skills.
  • Skincare Venture – RelativSkin: Michelle Mylett has started a skincare business. RelativSkin employs her. She has made a lot of money and diversified her professional portfolio through this business venture. Her passion for wellness and beauty shows in this venture.
  • Collaboration with Jacob Tierney: Michelle Mylett moved on from Jesse Antler. Canadian actor, screenwriter, director, and actor Jacob Tierney is her boyfriend. On the TV show “Letterkenny,” Jacob plays Pastor Glen with his partner. Their relationship has grown personally and professionally.
  • Active on Social Media: Michelle Mylett is on Twitter (@MichelleMylett) and Instagram (@michellemylett). Her fans, handpicked content, and project updates help her connect with her audience and explain her success.

In the entertainment sector, Michelle Mylett has shown perseverance and the potential to grow. She remains one of Canada’s best actresses due to her part in “Letterkenny,” entrepreneurship, and collaboration with Jacob Tierney. Despite the obstacles of a high-profile relationship, Michelle Mylett’s profession persists, enthralling audiences and leaving an indelible influence on entertainment.

Is Jesse and Michelle still together?

According to the newest evidence, Jesse Antler and Michelle Mylett are no longer together. Their romance ended. Jesse Antler has now moved on, and Michelle Mylett is now dating Jacob Tierney, a Canadian actor, playwright, director, and “Letterkenny” actor who played Pastor Glen.

Who Is Mylett Married?

Jesse may have kept their connection hidden, but his ex-girlfriend Mylett did not. Mylett has moved on from Jesse and started dating co-actor Jacob Tierney.

Tierney is Canadian like Mylett. Screenwriter, director, and actor. Letterkenny actor Jared Keeso works with his partner. He plays Pastor Glen on the show. Jacob rarely shares on social media, but Mylett occasionally posts photos of them.

Jesse antler letterkenny character

Fans of the Canadian TV show “Letterkenny” love Jesse Antler’s portrayal of Jesse. His personality makes the series funny and charming. In “Letterkenny,” Jesse has various quirks:

Letterkenny Cast

Marijuana Love: Jesse is known for his love of marijuana. He routinely goes to absurd lengths to get marijuana. He obsesses over cannabis, which provides many humorous scenes in the series.

Humor in Pursuit: Jesse’s marijuana search often turns comical. His crazy cannabis attempts, sometimes including weird plots or interactions, are sitcom gold. Jesse on a mission always makes viewers giggle.

Ladies’ Man: Jesse’s reputation as a ladies’ man is another aspect of his persona. He often tries to pick up women at the pub. This makes him funny and charming.

Loyalty to Friends: Jesse is loyal to friends despite his oddities. Despite their odd circumstances, he always supports his buddies, especially Daryl and Wayne. This loyalty endears him to the main characters and viewers.

Jesse shows “Letterkenny”‘s ability to develop odd yet likable characters in its imaginary community. His love of marijuana, humorous antics, and unwavering friendship make him a series staple. In “Letterkenny,” Jesse’s antics will keep viewers laughing and smiling.

Business ventures of Jesse Antler

Jesse Antler’s entrepreneurship and entertainment career show his adaptability and dedication to the industry. His entrepreneurial activities include co-founding No Apologies Pictures.

Jesse Antler and his longtime partner Robyn Michelle Mylett founded No Apologies Pictures. This production company shows its commitment to interesting and important material. Jesse has worked on projects with No Apologies Pictures outside of performing. This business venture shows his dedication to the entertainment sector and willingness to experiment with content development.

Jesse Antler co-founded No Apologies Pictures and helped shape its vision and creative ventures. This venture lets him continue making an impact in entertainment through acting, producing, and entrepreneurship.

Jesse Antler’s entrepreneurial efforts like No Apologies Pictures show his passion for the industry and his aim to generate interesting content for people. He was first known for his connection with Michelle Mylett. His diverse career demonstrates his versatility and dedication to entertaining.

Other Jesse Antler Projects

Along with his successful acting and producing career, Jesse Antler has worked on several other projects.

He appeared in Supernatural (2004), Man Seeking Woman (2015), and One Tree Hill (2011). He starred in A House Divided (2020), a short film lauded for its original story and fascinating acting.

Jesse worked in several web programs, including Crave, a Canadian production. He is working on The Five Vamps, a Canadian show that will air later this year.  In addition to these ventures, Jesse manages the YouTube channel “Jesse Antler” to exhibit his acting and producing.

Jesse Antler’s Hobbies and Interests

In his personal life, Jesse Antler has disclosed his hobbies and interests outside of entertainment and entrepreneurship.

  1. Hockey Love: Canadian Jesse Antler loves hockey. Jesse, like many Canadians, loves hockey. Hockey matches regularly include him and his ex-girlfriend Michelle Mylett. Photos show them happily wearing Edmonton Oilers shirts. This mutual love of hockey helped Jesse connect with Canadian culture and sporting passion.
  2. Dog lover: Jesse Antler loves dogs. He and his ex-girlfriend Michelle Mylett, who loved dogs, shared this enthusiasm. Fans know that Jesse loves dogs because Michelle routinely posted photos of her puppy on Instagram. They even had a dog named Clem, showing their affection for faithful pets.

Hockey and dogs reveal Jesse’s personal life and affinity to Canadian culture. His career and public profile have been formed by his entertainment business involvement, yet these personal hobbies show that Jesse Antler is more than just a movie actor.

Is Jesse Worth Money?

Jesse Antler’s ex-boyfriend is renowned. His life was constantly regular. He got his fame via Mylett. Although unknown in Hollywood, she is a good actor. Jesse’s ex isn’t a Hollywood movie star who can boost your career by hanging around with you. Despite no proof, his estimated net worth is $500,000.

However, Michelle Mylett has greatly benefited from Letterkenny’s success. She acts and works for relativistic. Because of everything, she’s rich. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Who Is Jesse Antler Dating 2023?

After his separation from Letterkenny actress, Jesse Antler leads a hidden life. Additionally, he hasn’t posted on social media. It has made it hard to locate Antler and his activities.

Jesse Antler’s new girlfriend after his breakup with Michelle Mylett is also unknown. However, we hope he comes out soon and discloses all the facts of his love life as he did with Mylett. 

Current Status and Social Media

The latest information about Jesse Antler’s status and social media presence is unknown, reflecting his propensity for privacy. Previous decisions can reveal his condition beyond 2023, but details are scarce.

Low Public Profile: Jesse Antler has kept a low profile since his breakup with Michelle Mylett so he may focus on his personal life. He avoided media and public gatherings and reduced his social media activity.

Deleted Instagram Account: The deletion of Jesse’s Instagram account marked a major turn toward a private life. His public presence on one of the most popular social media platforms was reduced, limiting his media and public interactions.

Limitations: Jesse’s decision to stay out of the media spotlight has prevented him from giving interviews or public appearances that reveal his present activities or personal life.

Maintaining Privacy: Jesse Antler’s pursuit of privacy implies that he values a tranquil life away from public scrutiny. Conversely, Mylett is active on Twitter (@MichelleMylett) and Instagram. Her Twitter is for professional affairs, while Instagram is for fan interaction.


Jesse Antler, a non-star, gained fame owing to his connection with Michelle Mylett. He gained fame and a loyal following as an actor, particularly in Letterkenny. Additionally, his entrepreneurship and production showed his dedication to entertainment. Despite his lower net worth, Jesse Antler’s relationship with Michelle Mylett and his career has left an indelible mark. In Letterkenny, his whimsical persona won over audiences, and other TV shows and films consolidated his career.

Jesse’s interest in hockey and Michelle Mylett’s love of dogs shaped his public image outside of work. Following their breakup, he reduced his social media profile and went private. According to Jesse Antler, celebrities may come from unexpected places and even individuals who wish to stay out of the spotlight can leave a lasting mark in entertainment. Fan and observer’s curiosity over his future and personal life persists.

FAQs about Jesse Antler

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Jesse Antler:

1. Who is Jesse Antler?

Jesse Antler is an actor and producer known for his role in the Canadian television series Letterkenny. He gained recognition for his relationship with the Canadian actress Michelle Mylett.

2. What is Jesse Antler’s most notable role?

Jesse Antler is best known for his character in Letterkenny, where he plays a lovable stoner known for his pursuit of marijuana.

3. When was Jesse Antler born?

Jesse Antler was born on June 5, 1984.

4. What is Jesse Antler’s nationality and ethnicity?

Jesse Antler is Canadian, and he comes from a white ethnic background.

5. What is Jesse Antler’s net worth?

Jesse Antler’s estimated net worth is around $100,000, primarily from his career in entertainment.

6. Who is Michelle Mylett, and what is her connection to Jesse Antler?

The Letterkenny actress Michelle Mylett is Canadian. They split after a long relationship with Jesse Antler.

7. What other projects has Jesse Antler been involved in?

Besides Letterkenny, Jesse Antler has been in The Expanse, Supernatural, and The Magicians. He made short films and online series.

8. Does Jesse Antler have any hobbies or interests?

Jesse Antler has shown an interest in hockey and has been seen attending hockey matches. He is also known to be a dog lover and shared this passion with his former partner, Michelle Mylett.

9. Why did Jesse Antler become less active on social media?

Jesse Antler chose to lead a more private life after his breakup with Michelle Mylett, which led to his reduced activity on social media. He seems to enjoy a media-free life.

10. Is Jesse Antler dating? 

According to the latest information, Jesse Antler is not dating anyone in 2023.

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