Isaac Tigrett daughter Augusta Tigrett: Living a Low-Key Life in the Shadows of Music Royalty

Augusta Tigrett is a famous American celebrity child. She is well-known in the media since she is Maureen Starkey and Isaac Tigrett’s daughter. Isaac Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues founder is a successful entrepreneur. His current position is on the US Divine Will Foundation board.

Maureen Starkey Tigrett’s daughter

Augusta King Tigrett, daughter of Maureen Starkey Tigrett, was born in Texas on January 4, 1987. She is Maureen’s first kid from Isaac Tigrett’s second marriage. Between 1989 and 1994, Isaac married Maureen. Augusta Tigrett is the youngest of Maureen’s four children. Her mother’s first marriage to Ringo Starr and she had three half-siblings. Zac and Jason Starkey, her older brothers, were born in 1965 and 1967. In 1970, her older sister Lee Starkey was born.

Biodata of  Augusta Tigrett

Full Name Augusta King Tigrett 
Popular Name Augusta Tigrett 
Birth date 4 January 1987
BirthplaceDallas, Texas, United States
Family nameTigrett
Age (As of 2023)36 years old
Ethnicity White
Zodiac SignCapricorn
FatherIsaac Tigrett
MotherMaureen Starkey
SiblingsBrothers: Zak Starkey (drummer) (stepbrother),
 Jason Starkey (stepbrother)
Sister: Lee Starkey (make-up artist and fashion designer) (step-sister)
Marital statusSingle
Famous ForIsaac Tigrett and Maureen Tigrett’s daughter
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde
Height5’7″, 170cm
Lucky Number5
Lucky ColorBrown
Lucky StoneTopaz
Body Measurements32-24-34 inches
ProfessionCelebrity Child

Early Life and Education

Maureen Starkey Tigrett and Isaac Tigrett’s daughter

Augusta King Tigrett was raised in central Tennessee with a strong feeling of community and a desire to help people. Her Jackson, Tennessee childhood shaped her philanthropy. She excelled academically and led at Jackson Central-Merry High School.

Tigrett attended Vanderbilt University, a top university, after high school. She studied sociology at Vanderbilt and learned more about local and global social issues. Her stay at Vanderbilt increased her understanding and commitment to constructive change.

Augusta Tigrett Career

In her career, Augusta King Tigrett was philanthropic and community-minded. Her life was dedicated to improving society, even though she didn’t have a regular business or professional position. Here are Augusta Tigrett’s career highlights:

Philanthropy: Augusta Tigrett’s life was philanthropy. She supported humanitarian projects, focusing on healthcare, education, and community development. Her philanthropy included St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and educational activities.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: The founder of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Danny Thomas, was close to Augusta Tigrett. She made major financial contributions to the hospital, helping it treat and cure pediatric catastrophic diseases. She built her charitable career with St. Jude.

Educational Initiatives: In addition to healthcare, Augusta Tigrett loved education. She gave underserved youngsters scholarships and fellowships to continue their studies, showing her dedication to youth development.

Community Engagement:  Augusta Tigrett’s career was marked by community involvement. She led organization boards with strategic assistance. Her ability to unite people and raise funds for important causes defined her career.

Legacy: Augusta Tigrett’s career wasn’t typical, but her generosity and community engagement left a lasting legacy. She inspires others through her leadership, charity, and unwavering dedication to improving the world.

Philanthropy and community participation dominated Augusta King Tigrett’s career. She reminded us of the transforming effect of giving back and helping others.

Meet Augusta King Tigrett’s parents

Augusta King Tigrett Father

Isaac Burton Tigrett

Augusta King Tigrett’s father was Isaac Burton Tigrett. He was a prominent figure in Jackson, Tennessee, and was involved in various business and community endeavors. John Burton Tigrett’s influence and leadership within the community likely had an impact on Augusta’s own commitment to philanthropy and community service. His life and profession may not be as well known as his daughter’s, but he helped shape the Jackson, Tennessee family’s history.

Augusta King Tigrett’s mother

Maureen Starkey Tigrett 

Augusta King Tigrett’s mother was Maureen Starkey Tigrett. Her influence on Augusta’s life led to a strong sense of community and kindness. Augusta admired Leona forever. Although Maureen Starkey Tigrett was less widely known than her husband, Isaac Burton Tigrett, or their daughter, Augusta, she was a key component of their family and likely influenced Augusta’s passion for helping people and serving her community.

Three half-siblings

Zak Starkey, Jason Starkey, and Lee Starkey

Besides being her parent’s only child, Augusta Tigrett has three half-siblings from her mother’s first marriage to Ringo Starr. English musician and Augusta’s mother Maureen Starkey, then Maureen Cox, started dating in 1962 at 16 years old.

When her collapsed on the eve of a worldwide tour, Maureen took the time to nurture him back to health, bringing them closer. Maureen became pregnant in late January 1965, so they married at London’s Caxton Hall Register Office on February 11, 1965.

San Zak Richard Starkey was the baby. Birthdate: September 13, 1965; age: 57. As a drummer, he has played with the Who and Oasis like his father.

Augusta had another half-brother on August 19, 1967. He’s 56, Jason Starkey. Lee Parking Starkey, Augusta’s sole female sibling, was born on November 11, 1970, and is 52.

Despite being at Augusta’s bedside before she died, the celebrity child’s preference for privacy makes it difficult to determine their relationship.

Her parents were unmarried when Augusta Tigrett was born.

Maureen & Isaac Tigrett

Augusta’s late mother, Maureen, moved in with her father in 1976, almost a year after her divorce from Beatles musician Ringo Starr. We don’t know how they met or if their relationship ended her mother’s first marriage.

Her parents were not married when Augusta was born in 1987. After two years of raising 36-year-old Augusta, they married in Monaco on May 27, 1989.

Their marriage, which seemed perfect, lasted just over five years until Maureen Starkey Tigrett died in 1994 from leukemia complications.

Augusta Tigrett’s Marriage, Husband, and Boyfriend

Isaac Tigrett and Maureen Starkey Tigrett had one child, Augusta. Sister Leigh Tigrett and brothers Zak and Jason Starkey are her siblings. All four Starkey children were with their mother, Maureen, when she died. She lost her mother to leukemia at seven.

Augusta, like her father Isaac Tigrett, has kept her relationship status discreet. She won’t say if she’s married secretly or dating in the media. Augusta isn’t on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where we could learn if she has somebody special.

Maureen Tigrett’s Daughter Augusta Wants A Low-Key Life

Almost everyone has heard of The Beatles. Every Beatles fan knows the band’s history and family. Fans know Augusta is the daughter of 1960s singer Maureen, not Ringo’s actual father. One of the Beatles’ children.

Women Of the Beatles

Despite her siblings’ marriages, Augusta appears to be single. She lost her mother young, which must have been painful. She now lives a nice life with her father, Isaac, and wonderful siblings. Augusta leads a low-key life and rarely appears in public despite her famous parents. She also seems inactive on social media. Maureen’s youngest kid, Augusta, prefers privacy. Based on the limited information, she appears to have a close relationship with her older siblings. Each of Maureen’s children is gorgeous.

Rough Marriage & Divorce of Augusta Tigrett’s Mother Maureen Cox

Ringo Starr met Maureen Cox at The Cavern Club, where the Beatles performed. Maureen was engaged to Ringo at the Ad Lib Club in London on January 20, 1965. A few months later, they married at the Caxton Hall Register Office.

Unfortunately, the Beatles drummer’s extramarital affairs caused his wife pain, making marriage difficult. George Harrison, the Beatles’ lead guitarist, then confessed to her mother, leading to her own affair. After a decade of marriage, the couple divorced in 1975 despite their initial reluctance.

In January 1965, Ringo Starr married Maureen Starkey after learning she was pregnant. Because of pregnancy, Beatles manager Brian Epstein prepared the wedding program fast. The couple also honeymooned for three days at Epstein’s lawyer David Jacob’s vacation home.

It was 18 years old for Maureen. He and his wife Maureen bought Sunny Heights in St George’s Hill, Weybridge, in 1973 before breaking up. Ringo Starr bought Tittenhrst Park from Lennon in 1973. The Starkeys have three children: Jason, Jak, and Leigh.

Mother Maureen Starkey Tigrett Dies

On Friday, Ringo Starr’s ex-wife Maureen Starkey Tigrett died in December 1995 from complications after a leukemia bone marrow transplant. Maureen, Augusta’s beloved mother, died aged 48.

On October 20, 1965, Maureen entered Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center before her death. Zak Starkey, her oldest son, donated bone marrow. Nothing could save Maureen.

Mrs. Starkey was raised in Liverpool, England. Maureen married Richard Starkey in 1965 and divorced in 1975. Isaac Tigrett, creator of Hard Rock Cafe, married her afterwards.

Quick facts about Augusta Tigrett

  • Ship’s steward Joseph Cox and Florence Cox Barrett’s granddaughter is Augusta Tigrett. 
  • August doesn’t use Instagram or Twitter.
  • American citizen Augusta Tigrett is Caucasian.
  • Isaac Tigrett and Maureen Cox had Augusta first.
  • A thin hourglass-shaped 32-24-34-inch Augusta.

Augusta Tigrett’s worth

Tigrett was a trainee hairdresser in Liverpool. In her early life, Maureen Coz Tigrett lived in a £50,000 mansion, but she later moved into a 16th-century mansion in Elstead. Ringo and Maureen bought John Lennon’s Tiitenhurst Park property on September 18, 1973.


Augusta King Tigrett remains a relatively enigmatic figure, known primarily for her family ties to music royalty and business success. Her life was defined by affluence and tragedy, with her mother’s early death leaving an imprint. Despite her connections and heritage, Augusta has chosen to live a low-key, quiet existence, avoiding celebrity.

Augusta’s marital status and relationships are unknown, but she represents the power of seclusion and the capacity to define one’s own path outside of celebrity. Her story shows that even with famous parents and siblings, people can develop their own identity and fulfillment. Ultimately, Augusta King Tigrett’s story serves as a reminder that fame is not the only measure of a person’s worth or success and that a quiet life away from the spotlight can hold its own value and significance.

FAQs about Augusta Tigrett

Who is Augusta King Tigrett?

Augusta King Tigrett was a philanthropist and community leader known for her significant contributions to various charitable causes, including her support for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

What is Augusta King Tigrett’s legacy?

Augusta King Tigrett left philanthropy, leadership, and community participation. Her passion for improving society inspires others to volunteer and give back.

When did Augusta King Tigrett pass away?

Augusta King Tigrett passed away on April 17, 2005.

What inspired Augusta King Tigrett to become involved in philanthropy?

Augusta King Tigrett became active in philanthropy after growing up in a close-knit neighborhood and in Jackson, Tennessee, where she had a strong sense of community and a desire to serve others.

How did Augusta King Tigrett support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital?

Augusta King Tigrett was a close friend of St. Jude’s founder, Danny Thomas, and provided substantial financial support to the hospital. She played a crucial role in advancing its mission of treating and curing pediatric catastrophic diseases.

How has Augusta King Tigrett’s family continued her legacy?

Augusta King Tigrett’s family and the organizations she supported have continued her legacy by continuing to support charitable causes and initiatives that align with her values and vision.

What are some key qualities that made Augusta King Tigrett a notable philanthropist and leader?

Augusta King Tigrett was known for her generosity, dedication, and ability to bring people together for a common purpose. Her leadership qualities and commitment to creating positive change were highly regarded.

How can individuals be inspired by Augusta King Tigrett’s life and work?

Individuals can be inspired by Augusta King Tigrett’s life and work by recognizing the transformative power of philanthropy and community engagement. Her tale inspires individuals to volunteer and improve others’ lives.

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