Meredith Bagans

Meredith Bagans: Life of the Mysterious Personality – Age, Personal Life, Family, and More information

Who is Meredith Bagans?

The sister of Zak Bagans, Meredith Bagans, is a very complex person. She is a native of Washington, D.C., and has pursued a number of interests, including writing, paranormal investigation, television hosting, and museum curation.

Born on June 4, 1974, Meredith grew up in an intriguing family dynamic. Her father, Larry Bagans, made his living as a salesman, while her mother, Nancy June Knapp, expressed her creativity as an interior designer and visual stylist. Alongside her famous brother Zak, Meredith shares her family with two half-brothers, Sky Knapp and Phil Knapp, from her mother’s subsequent marriage to Thomas Knapp.

While Zak might be in the limelight with his Ghost Adventures series and the Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Meredith tends to keep a lower profile, preferring to maintain her privacy regarding her personal life and background. Despite her reserved nature, her involvement in the paranormal world and her family ties add layers of intrigue to her story.


NameMeredith Bagans
Date of BirthJune 4, 1974
Age50 years old (as of 2024)
ProfessionCelebrity sister
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMichael Mixer
ChildrenTwo (Morgan Mixer and Maddox Mixer)
Net WorthEstimated at $100,000 (as of 2024)

Meredith Bagans Early Life

Meredith Bagans entered this world on June 4, 1974, right in the heart of Washington, D.C., USA. Her parents, Larry Bagans, who worked in sales, and Nancy June Knapp, a talented interior designer and visual stylist, provided the backdrop for her upbringing. Alongside her, she shared her childhood with her half-brothers, Sky Knapp and Phil Knapp, born from her mother’s later marriage to Thomas Knapp.

As for Meredith herself, she’s a proud American citizen, embracing her Caucasian heritage. While she keeps a tight lid on her early years, her roots remain firmly planted in the good ol’ U.S. of A. And yes, she shares a familial bond with her brother, the well-known Zak Bagans.

Meredith Bagans Education

Meredith Bagans keeps her educational journey under wraps, so the specifics of her schooling remain a mystery. However, it’s known she attended a local high school, though she hasn’t disclosed its name. As for college, it’s unclear if she pursued higher education.

In contrast, her brother Zak’s educational path is a bit clearer. He graduated from Glenbard West High School before venturing to the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan for further studies after high school.

What is Meredith Bagans’ relationship status?

At 46, Meredith Bagans has found her slice of happiness in marriage. Her devoted partner, Michael Mixer, stands by her side, adding warmth to their shared journey. Upon tying the knot, Meredith embraced her husband’s surname, Mixer, as a symbol of their union. While the details of their wedding day remain a mystery, their love story speaks volumes.

In the realm of privacy, Meredith holds her cards close, preferring not to splash her personal life across the media. Yet, nestled in the quiet corners of their home, she and Michael nurture a strong connection that forms the bedrock of their family life. Together, they revel in the joys and challenges of parenthood, blessed with two beautiful children: Morgan Mixer and Maddox Mixer.

Meredith is engrossed in the gentle rhythms of motherhood, with the sound of tiny feet tapping on the walls. She manages the tightrope between being a wife and mother, and maybe even more, with grace. And in a world buzzing with social networks, Meredith chooses to stay offline, focusing her energies on the tangible bonds that bind her family together.

Brother, Zak is Dating His Girlfriend, Holly Madison

It seems that stunning American model and novelist Holly Madison has provided comfort to 43-year-old TV personality Zak Bagans. Despite not having walked down the aisle yet, their relationship is no longer kept a secret. Their romance actually took off in May 2019, even though they had met years previously, when Madison visited Zak’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

They have been discreetly fostering their relationship ever since, keeping it hidden until June, when TMZ revealed the truth, saying, “We’ve heard the two are dating!!!” Although the former Playboy model and the “Ghost Adventures” star have kept their relationship under wraps, their romance began just four months after Holly’s five-year marriage to Pasquale Rotella, the founder of the Electric Daisy Carnival, ended. Raising their son, Forest Leonardo Antonio, and daughter, Rainbow Aurora, is a journey they both share.

Meredith Bagans- Professional Life, Careers

While Meredith Bagans’ professional endeavors remain a mystery, her brother Zak Bagans has certainly carved out quite the career for himself. Known for his roles as a paranormal investigator, television personality, author, actor, and even a museum operator, Zak has made quite the name for himself in the entertainment world.

Meredith Bagans Body Measurements

Meredith Bagans sports an average height and weight, complemented by her brown hair and eyes. On the other hand, her brother Zak cuts an imposing figure at 6 feet tall, with a striking contrast of dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

How Old is Meredith Bagans in 2024?

In 2024, Meredith Bagans will celebrate turning 5-0, which denotes half a century of life. She is a Gemini by sign and was born on June 4, 1974. In 2020, she celebrated her 46th birthday in the company of her hubby and other close relatives. In addition to a treasured snapshot of the two of them, her brother Zak sent an emotional note on Instagram to wish her well.

Meredith Bagans Family Status

Meredith Bagans has found her lifelong companion in her husband, Michael Mixer, and their union has been a source of joy for many years. Their journey together began with a private wedding ceremony, shared intimately with close family and friends. While they’ve kept the details of their special day close to their hearts, the love and commitment they share shine brightly.

Their family expanded with the arrival of two wonderful children, Morgan Mixer and Maddox Mixer. Both teenagers now, they’re busy navigating the ups and downs of school life. Meredith’s love for her children knows no bounds, evident in the frequent updates and adorable photos she shares on her Facebook page, capturing precious moments of their growing years.

What is Net Worth of Meredith Bagans

While Meredith Bagans might have enjoyed some success in her career path, the specifics of her professional life remain a bit of a mystery. Because of this, it can be challenging to determine her precise daily earnings. As a result, her estimated net worth is in the neighborhood of $100,000. However, Zak Bagans, her brother, is a very different animal.

Zak has created a name for himself in the paranormal community, as evidenced by his $30 million net worth as of 2022. He’s amassed quite the riches from his engaging work as a ghost investigator, acting career, television presenting, and museum operations. Plus, his role as the chief investigator, executive producer, and editor on Ghost Adventures pulls in a cool million dollars.

Zak’s not just about the TV show, though. He’s also built up the Ghost Adventures Crew, a global network of seasoned paranormal investigators. And let’s not forget about DungeonWear, his own line of apparel that he launched back in 2012. With all these ventures under his belt, it’s no wonder Zak Bagans is sitting pretty on that $30 million fortune.


  1. Family Background: Meredith Bagans was born on June 4, 1974, in Washington, D.C., USA. She is the sister of Zak Bagans, a well-known paranormal investigator and television personality.
  2. Private Life: Meredith prefers to keep her personal life private, and not much information is available about her early life or education. She has two half-brothers from her mother’s second marriage.
  3. Marriage and Children: Meredith is happily married to Michael Mixer, and they have two children together, Morgan and Maddox Mixer.
  4. Net Worth: While Meredith’s exact profession is unknown, her estimated net worth is around $100,000. Her brother Zak Bagans, known for his work on “Ghost Adventures,” has a net worth of $30 million as of 2022.
  5. Age: In 2024, Meredith Bagans will be 50 years old, having been born on June 4, 1974.
  6. Appearance: Meredith Bagans has average height and weight, with brown hair and eyes.


Meredith Bagans, sister of Zak Bagans, keeps a low profile compared to her famous brother. Little is known about her career or educational background. She is happily married to Michael Mixer, with whom she has two children. While her net worth is estimated at $100,000, her brother Zak has achieved significant success in his career as a paranormal investigator and television personality, amassing a net worth of $30 million.


Who is Meredith Bagans?

Meredith Bagans is the sister of Zak Bagans, a renowned paranormal investigator, television personality, author, and museum operator known for hosting the series “Ghost Adventures.”

What is Meredith Bagans’ net worth?

Meredith Bagans’ net worth is estimated to be around $100,000, while her brother Zak Bagans has a net worth of $30 million as of 2022.

Is Meredith Bagans married?

es, Meredith Bagans is married to Michael Mixer. They have two children together, Morgan and Maddox Mixer.

How old is Meredith Bagans?

Meredith Bagans was born on June 4, 1974, making her 50 years old in 2024.

What is known about Meredith Bagans’ early life and education?

Not much information is available about Meredith Bagans’ early life or education. She prefers to keep her personal life private.

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