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Sue Bownds’s Biography Includes Her Height, Age, Son, Husband, And Net Worth

In the world of celebrities, Sue Bownds is well-known, but not for her own accomplishments; rather, she is recognized for being Rebel Wilson’s dog lover and proud mother. Sue has gained notoriety thanks to Rebel, the accomplished Australian actress, singer, comedian, writer, and producer. Sue’s accomplishments as a proud and encouraging mother, who shares in her daughter’s success, are the reason for her accolades.


In the field of professional dog training, Sue Bownds, the proud mother of the gifted actress and comic Rebel Wilson, has established herself. Sue, lovingly called “Nangunyah” by her parents, is descended from a four-generation family of dog lovers.

She has a strong affinity for animals, especially dogs, which she inherited from her great-grandparents. They were highly regarded dog judges who traveled to New Zealand from England. Throughout her life, Sue has upheld this family custom and developed a sincere bond with our four-legged pals.

Full NameSue Bownds
OccupationFormer owner of a dog-handling company, dog handler
FamilyDaughter: Rebel Wilson
Late Husband: Jack Bounds
Son: Ryot (Twitter: @ryot17)
HonorsInternational All Breeds FCI Judge
Notable AwardsRebel Wilson: Tropfest, Critics’ Choice, MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Awards
Net WorthSue Bownds: Not disclosed
Rebel Wilson: $22 million (2023)
Social MediaSue Bownds: None
Rebel Wilson: @rebelwilson (Instagram)
Anna Wilson (Rebel’s sister): @annachi.wilson (Instagram)
Ryot (Sue’s son): @ryot17 (Twitter)
Famous WorksRebel Wilson: Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, The Hustle, Isn’t It Romantic, Cats, Super Fun Night
Sue Bownds: Professional breeder of beagles, supportive mother to Rebel Wilson


Sue Bownds’s daughter is a proud graduate of Tara Anglican Schools for Girls, yet she hasn’t said much about her own school background. Her daughter finished her Higher School Certificate with honors back in 1997. Though the specifics of Sue’s own educational background are still somewhat unknown, it appears that education has played a significant role in their family’s history.

Individual Life

Sue Bownds’ lovely marriage ended suddenly when she was embraced by death in a tragic way. She fell in love with the endearing Jack Bounds back in 1961, and the two of them woven a tapestry of treasured memories together.

Their story began with pleasant dates and progressed to the sacred vows they exchanged in 1976. They stood side by side over the years, loyal to one another and fortunate to have a large number of happy children in their company. But the dark chapter in Sue’s life began in 2010 when Jack, her beloved, was taken away by fate in an unkind blow.

Age, family, and siblings of Sue Bownds

Introducing Sue, our Australian acquaintance who prefers to keep her birthdate a secret. Yes, she is a true blue Australian with a strong sense of patriotism. Sue is like a vault when it comes to family; she doesn’t know anything about her parents or siblings. She’s all about the feeling of seclusion.

This is the really nice portion. In their amazing wisdom, Sue’s parents gave her the sweet moniker “Nangunyah.” Adorable, huh? And get this: she’s a fourth-generation dog aficionado, so she’s not just your typical dog lover. She nearly inherited it. It transpires that her great-grandparents were sophisticated English dog judges who established themselves in New Zealand.

The actual scoop, though? Sue has a huge soft spot in her heart for animals, particularly dogs. She undoubtedly has a specific spot set up for those animal friends. With the dog gang, it’s like a lifetime romance.

Honors and Nominations

Sue Bownds is a highly respected Australian judge who has received multiple distinguished awards. She just accomplished the outstanding achievement of being named an International All Breeds FCI judge, demonstrating her stature and level of experience in the industry.

One more achievement Sue’s daughter has added to the family’s list is that she is a rising star in the entertainment industry. Since her premiere, she has been the recipient of numerous nominations and awards. These include Tropfest, MTV Movie Awards, and Teen Choice Awards, all of which demonstrate the daughter’s aptitude and widespread acclaim in her field of expertise.

Sue Bownds’s weight and stature

Rebel Wilson’s amazing mother, Sue Bownds, like to keep certain aspects of herself somewhat of a mystery, such as her height, weight, and other specifics. We do, however, know that she has this amazing combination of light hair and brown eyes.

Speaking of Rebel, she’s Sue’s daughter, born on March 2, 1980. Rebel is not just an actor but also a funny comedian, producer, and gifted writer. Probably Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, and The Hustle are among the well-known movies in which she starred.

Not to mention Rebel has quite the collection of trophies, including Tropfest, Critics’ Choice, and MTV Movie trophies. Rebel began her career with the Australian Theatre for Young People program, establishing her mark on television before heading to Hollywood. She didn’t simply rule the big screen, though. She is definitely a talent to watch!


Sue Bownds, who works as a dog handler, used to own a dog-handling company in Australia with her late husband. And get this: they were professional breeders of beagles! What a talented bunch they are.

This is the truly fascinating portion. Actress, singer, comedian, producer, and writer Rebel Wilson hails from Australia. She is Sue’s offspring. In the entertainment industry, Rebel has always been well-liked.

Recall the television program Pizza? In it, Rebel portrayed Toula. Not only is she an actress, but she is also the creative force and skill behind films like Bogan Pride and The Wedge. She authored, produced, and acted in the latter, which debuted in theaters in 2008.

For her performance in Bargain, Rebel won the Tropfest Best Actress Award in 2009. Pretty amazing, huh? After that, she focused on the US and in 2011 was cast in Bridesmaids and A Few Best Men.

But it doesn’t stop there. Rebel starred in Struck by Lightning, Bachelorette, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting the following year. Not to mention her part in Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy? Excellent!

In 2016, Rebel is doing a great job of promoting How to Be Single and Grimsby. She is also the creative force behind Super Fun Night. After landing her first main part in 2019’s Isn’t It Romantic, she went on to have success after smash, starring in The Hustle as Penny Rust and Cats as Jennyanydots.

Sue Bownds is ardently supporting her daughter, even sharing pictures from Rebel’s movie viewing on Instagram. It’s about a mother who is happily supporting her superstar daughter’s adventure in the chaotic world of showbiz, not simply about the glamorous life.

Sue Bownds – Net Worth 2023

Moving on to something else, we are currently assessing the earnings and net worth of a well-known celebrity mother. Rebel, her daughter, has accumulated a substantial net worth of 22 million dollars in the interim.

Social Media

Sue Bownds isn’t really into social media herself; you won’t find her on any platform. But every now and then, she pops up on her daughters’ Instagrams. If you’re looking to follow the family antics, it’s @rebelwilson and @annachi.wilson.

Now, her son Ryot, he’s not an Instagram guy, but you can catch him on Twitter as @ryot17. According to his Twitter bio, he’s chilling over in Berlin, Germany. Seems like he’s got some interesting stories to share!


Sue Bownds is a prominent figure in the celebrity world, primarily known for her role as Rebel Wilson’s supportive mother. Coming from a family with a rich history of dog enthusiasts, Sue has carved out a career in dog handling alongside her late husband. Despite facing personal tragedy with the loss of her husband, Sue remains dedicated to supporting her daughter’s flourishing career in the entertainment industry.

FAQ about Sue Bownds:

1. What is Sue Bownds known for?

Sue Bownds is primarily recognized as the supportive mother of actress and comedian Rebel Wilson. She also has a background in dog handling and breeding.

2. What is Sue Bownds’ net worth?

While Sue’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, her daughter Rebel Wilson has amassed a significant fortune, estimated at $22 million as of 2023.

3. Is Sue Bownds active on social media?

Sue Bownds maintains a relatively private profile and is not active on social media platforms herself. However, she occasionally appears on her daughter Rebel Wilson’s and son Ryot’s social media accounts.

4. What career did Sue Bownds pursue?

Sue Bownds has worked in dog handling and breeding, owning a dog-handling company in Australia with her late husband. They specialized in breeding beagles.

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