Michael Sterling Net Worth

Michael Sterling Net Worth: Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Marriage And Other

Michael Sterling Net Worth

Michael Sterling, an American attorney, shares a combined net worth of $4 million with his wife, Eva Marcille. You might recognize Eva as the winner of America’s Next Top Model season three and as a cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta since 2018. Their wedding in March 2019 was even featured on an episode of RHOA!

Michael’s legal career is impressive. He’s a former federal prosecutor and now serves as the director of the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency. He studied at Texas Southern University, earning his JD in 2007. Currently, he’s a partner at the law firm Dreyer Sterling, LLC, where they handle both civil and criminal cases. Eva, on the other hand, gained fame not only through modeling and acting but also for her role as Tyra Hamilton on The Young and the Restless from 2007 to 2011. Together, they’re quite the dynamic duo!

Who is Michael Sterling

Michael Sterling is happily married to Eva Marcille, an American actress, model, and producer. They tied the knot on October 7, 2018. Although the exact location of their wedding remains a bit mysterious, what’s clear is the love they share.

Their family grew even more with the arrival of their first son, Michael Sterling Jr., in April 2018, followed by their second son, Maverick Sterling, in September 2019. Adding to the joy, Michael is also a loving father figure to Marley Rae Sterling, Eva’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Together, they’re creating beautiful memories surrounded by their loved ones, cherishing every moment as a family.


Michael Sterling is a highly respected American attorney renowned for his expertise in the legal field. He’s made significant contributions as the executive director of the City of Atlanta Workforce Development Agency, a role he was appointed to by former Mayor Kasim Reed. Prior to this, he served as a Senior Advisor to Mayor Reed, showcasing his dedication to public service and his commitment to making a difference in his community through law and leadership.


NameMichael Sterling
Real nameMichael T Sterling
Birth PlaceBeaumont, Texas (USA)
ProfessionLawyer, Political Advisor
Zodiac signNA
SchoolHigh School
CollegeMorehouse College
Texas Southern University
Thurgood Marshall School of Law
Home TownGeorgia, USA
DebutNot known
Fathers NameName not known
Mothers NameName not known
BrothersName not found

Michael Sterling Education / Family

Michael Sterling, born as Michael T. Sterling in Beaumont, Texas, comes from a background that reflects the diversity of America. While details about his parents’ names and occupations remain undisclosed, it’s known that they were part of biracial couples. Michael embarked on his academic journey at Morehouse College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

Driven by his passion for justice and advocacy, he pursued further education at Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law to earn his law degree. Alongside his academic pursuits, rumors suggest he has two sisters, with one named Charlotte, though the identity of the other remains a mystery. With a foundation rooted in education and a commitment to his community, Michael Sterling’s journey is one of perseverance and dedication.

Michael Sterling Girlfriends, Affairs, Wife and More

In 2018, Michael Sterling exchanged vows with Eva Marcille, and their love story continued to bloom when they welcomed their son, Michael Sterling Jr., into the world just a year later. It’s a beautiful chapter in their lives, filled with love and joy as they embrace the journey of parenthood together.

Michael Sterling Early Life

Michael Sterling came into this world in Beaumont, Texas, back in 1983, and every December 28th, he marks another year of life, being a Capricorn through and through. At 40 years old, he’s already accomplished so much.

While there’s not much known about his early years, it’s evident that Michael’s upbringing in his hometown played a crucial role in shaping the man he is today. With his impressive achievements, it’s safe to assume that he was nurtured well by his parents, laying the foundation for his future success.

Michael Sterling Relationship Status

Michael and Eva’s love story culminated in their marriage on October 7, 2018, but their journey began long before that, as they were in a relationship prior to tying the knot.

Before finding love with Michael, Eva had notable relationships with celebrities like Lance Gross, Flo Rida, and Kevin McCall, with whom she shares her daughter, Marley. Now, they’ve built a beautiful family together in Atlanta, where they reside with their daughter and two sons, Michael Sterling Jr. and Maverick.

Despite being in the public eye, Michael has managed to steer clear of rumors and controversy, choosing to focus on his personal and professional life instead. He prefers to keep a low profile and distance himself from any unnecessary drama, allowing him to concentrate on what truly matters to him.

Michael Sterling Career and Professional Life

Michael is a lawyer and political advisor hailing from the United States. His career has seen diverse roles, including serving as a Senior Advisor to Kasim Reed and as an Assistant US Attorney in the Northern District of Illinois in 2010.

Later on, he took on the mantle of the Mayor’s designee on the Atlanta Labor Council and served as the Executive Director of the City of Atlanta Workforce Development Agency. Not content with just political advising, Michael ventured into the political arena himself, launching a campaign to become the Atlanta Mayor in 2017.

During his tenure, he made significant strides, establishing the first Office of Entertainment in Atlanta City. Today, Michael practices law as an attorney at Sidley Austin, leveraging his expertise in legal matters.

His life took on a new dimension of fame when he married the talented American actress, TV host, and reality TV show contestant, Eva Marcille. Eva, known for her captivating presence on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her victory in the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model in 2004, has enjoyed a successful career in modeling and television.

With accolades such as a CoverGirl cosmetics contract, spreads in Elle, and modeling contracts with Ford Models, Eva’s star continued to rise. She graced the covers of magazines like “Brides Noir”, “Women’s Health and Fitness”, “King”, “IONA”, and “Essence”, while also representing brands like CoverGirl, DKNY, Samsung, and more.

Eva’s talents extend beyond modeling; she has guest-starred on various TV series and hosted shows like My Model Looks Better Than Your Model and Rip the Runway on BET. Additionally, she’s made appearances in music videos, adding another layer to her multifaceted career. Together, Michael and Eva make a power couple, each contributing their unique talents to the world of entertainment and beyond.

Michael Sterling Social Media

Michael T. is quite the social media enthusiast, maintaining an active presence across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With a solid following of 100k on Instagram, 2802 on Twitter, and 2430 on Facebook, he’s clearly got a knack for engaging with his audience and sharing snippets of his life online. Whether it’s sharing updates, connecting with fans, or simply spreading positivity, Michael knows how to make his mark in the digital realm.


  • Combined Net Worth: Michael Sterling shares a combined net worth of $4 million with his wife, Eva Marcille.
  • Career Highlights: Michael has had a successful career as an attorney and political advisor. He previously served as a federal prosecutor and director of the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency.
  • Legal Practice: Currently, Michael is a partner at the law firm Dreyer Sterling, LLC, where he handles both civil and criminal cases.
  • Political Engagement: Michael has been actively involved in politics, serving as a Senior Advisor to former Mayor Kasim Reed and even running for the position of Atlanta Mayor in 2017.
  • Personal Life: Michael and Eva have a loving family, including their sons, Michael Sterling Jr. and Maverick, as well as Eva’s daughter, Marley Rae Sterling, from a previous relationship.


Michael Sterling, an accomplished American attorney and political advisor, has a combined net worth of $4 million with his wife, Eva Marcille. His career highlights include serving as a federal prosecutor and director of the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency. He’s also been actively engaged in politics, serving as a Senior Advisor to former Mayor Kasim Reed and running for Atlanta Mayor in 2017. Michael and Eva have a beautiful family together, cherishing their roles as parents to their sons and Eva’s daughter.


How did Michael Sterling amass his wealth?

Michael built his wealth through his successful career as an attorney, his involvement in politics, and his various business endeavors.

What is the significance of Michael’s role as a political advisor?

As a political advisor, Michael has played a crucial role in shaping policy and advising on important decisions, contributing to the development of the city of Atlanta.

Does Michael Sterling have any other sources of income?

Aside from his legal practice and political engagements, Michael may have additional sources of income from investments or other business ventures.

What is the future outlook for Michael Sterling’s net worth?

With his continued success in his legal career and potential future opportunities in politics or other ventures, Michael’s net worth could continue to grow in the coming years.

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